“The Baykar has proudly influenced hand bag fashion with its new way of showing traditional art with modern designs.

The Baykar has started to its history with read made women fashion and accessories. As a women entrepreneur, when she visited the one of the Anatolian villages, she saw the cross stitches which has been making by mothers for their daughters who are wedding ages.

She decided to present these great products with the new modern approaches. This is the mile stone of the our story. She is the first designer and the tailor of hand bags. Now, we are selling these traditional and modern hand bags throughout world.

Our vision is to meet the traditional art with every single person in the earth by new modern and attractive designs.Cross stitch has been one of the great art which presents all feelings of the artists on fabric.

These beautiful hand crafted bags are made using the finest materials. Quality is another passion for us like our great designs. Each bag has its individual story not only with its design but also the person who produce it.

We believe that women should involve more to shape world with their passion,compassion and aesthetic spirit. As a Women entrepreneur, We are also supporting women work partners.


We have not discovered hand bag, cross stitch or embroidery but we redefined all  with the combining the art and fashion. We have created new trends in the hand bags. It is like to move time machine from past to future. We are always be with you while this journey.

We are producing each bag with the same unique paths; design phase which is the most focused stage, applying  the design with cross stitch on the fabric , producing hand bags.


Style is the way of expressing yourselves to the world. Products are alone to create your style, production story is another phenomena to present you.

We are not brand which is in the fashion market. We are also NGO which brings opportunity for women entrepreneur to realize their dreams. We are working with local housewives who want to support home budget. We are pleasure to all of our partners due to their all effort to create strong the brand” The Baykar”


Odunluk Caddesi Karaman Mahallesi

no:13 Nilüfer

Bursa / TURKEY

0507 871 70 66